Skydiving into the New Year

I love adventure and my 2015 got started off with a pretty great one. I went Skydiving!

Why did I decide to do it? When my husband and I moved back to Miami, my in-laws let us stay with them until we found our own place. Instead of getting them a standard “Thank you” gift, we decided to gift them an experience. And Skydiving is an experience I definitely suggest everyone try once in their lives!

On Saturday morning, we made the one and half hour drive from Hollywood, Florida to Clewiston near Lake Okeechobee. It’s an easy drive with lots of farmlands and tractors.

As we got closer to Clewiston, we followed the signs for the Airglades Airport which is connected to Skydiving Spaceland.

Fun fact: Clewiston is known as “America’s sweetest town” because of all the sugar cane plantations. Check out the sugar cane fields being burnt which makes them easier for harvesting.

We finally arrived at Skydive Spaceland. The hangar is amazingly set up. There are huge rugs and couches laid out all around for everyone to hang out and relax before and after your jump. We arrived 20 minutes before our reservation which gave us enough time to sign all the necessary paperwork and watch the videos.

Here we are in our jump suits and harnesses ready to go.

It was a bit windy that day but luckily we got to go for our jump from 14,000 feet. I even helped pull open the parachute!


Nothing like jumping out of a plane to really start the year off with adventure. How did you kick off your New Year? I want to hear about your adventures so comment below!

Suz & Zeal Tips:

– Skydiving can be expensive so make sure to look out for deals through sites like Groupon. We found a special for Skydive Spaceland that also included photos
– Call 3 weeks prior to the date you want to reserve to make sure you and your group are on the same jump together
– Try to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your reservation time since you have to fill out a lot of paperwork before getting ready to jump
– Make sure eat something light, don’t go with an empty stomach! I also recommend having some snacks and water in the car for after your jump in case you are dizzy.
– Dress in comfortable clothes and sneakers. If you have any jewelry that might fall off, leave it at home
– Enjoy the experience!


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