Throwback: Engagement Photo Shoot at Greynolds Park


I can’t believe this Monday I will be celebrating my one-year wedding anniversary. As I was thinking about how awesome the past year has been, I thought it would be cool to share about our engagement photo shoot at one of my favorite parks in Miami.


First step for putting together our engagement shoot was choosing a photographer: We worked with Vera Franceschi. She did our engagement photos, wedding photos, and we LOVED working with her.


Second step to a successful engagement photo shoot is choosing a location and theme: To fit my personality, I knew it had to be outdoors. Although we live in Miami and love the beach, I wanted something different.


We decided on Greynolds Park, located in the heart of North Miami. I grew up going to this park on weekends and even attended summer camp there. Greynolds has awesome music festivals throughout the year and is an easy escape for some beautiful greenery (check my tips below for a list of upcoming events!)

Once you are inside the park you forget that it is right around the corner from the rush of Aventura Mall and some of the craziest drivers in South Florida. The park has many different walking paths, canoes, cabanas, and grills so you can spend the day there grilling. It is definitely one of North Miami’s hidden gems.


The third and final step for a great engagement photoshoot is channeling your inner model: We don’t love being in front of the camera so we did our best to not let things get too cheesy.


And when a thunderstorm hit midway, we made the best of the situation. There really is nothing like dancing in the rain!


Suz & Zeal Tips

  • Check here for more info about events and activities at Greynolds Park – some events listed below
  • Have specific examples of photos you want done in mind to make sure you get the pictures you want and are efficient with your time
  • Make the best of every situation – even if that means getting soaked in the rain

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