Sunrise Beach Picnic

sunrise 12

I remember talking to an old co-worker about things to do on the weekend. When I mentioned that I love going to beach he quickly replied, “People still go to the beach in Miami?”

This really caught me off guard and made me realize that not everyone appreciates how lucky we are to have the beautiful ocean and sand available all year round. I have always been a beach lover and especially after living in Chicago for 2 years, I can’t get enough of the year long warm weather!

sunrise 4

One of my favorite things to do at the beach is watch the sunrise. The iPhone Weather App makes it really easy to know when the sun is coming up. So to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary (and Martin Luther King Day Jr. Day), we went to Hallandale Beach right near our house to have a picnic and watch the sunrise.

sunrise 1

sunrise 5

Some easy things to pack are: strawberries, apple, cheese, crackers, cookies…

sunrise 3

and of course champaign and grapefruit juice to make mimosas!

sunrise 7

We also packed a couple blankets – one to sit on and an extra one to keep warm until the sun came up.

sunrise 6

sunrise 8

Sun spot freckle!

sunrise 11

I know it’s not always easy to wake up early. Maybe the promise of a delicious breakfast with mimosas and cookies can help get you out of bed? And if you are still tired, you can take a dip in the ocean which will for sure wake you up. I promise this experience is worth the effort!

sunrise 9

We are very lucky to live in this beautiful city and I hope by following along on this blog I can inspire you to take advantage of what it has to offer 🙂

When was the last time you saw the sunrise? I would love to hear from you, so please comment below!


  • Check what time the sunrises with any weather app and plan on arriving 30 minutes before – this way you make sure not to miss anything and get to see all the changing colors. On this particular day the sun was coming up at 7:08am and we arrived at 6:40 to get the perfect spot
  • Pack warm clothes since the beach can be chilly and windy until the sun comes up
  • Bring your favorite snacks pre-cut and ready to eat so you can enjoy without having to do any additional prepping once at the beach
  • Some beaches have alcohol restrictions so try to keep your bottles out of sight. This is the beach we went to: Hallandale Beach, FL
  • Make sure it is going to be a clear day so you can get the best view of the sunrise

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