Microtheater Miami

Micro 1

The art world is seriously rocking right now in Miami. Every single day I learn of more and more cool cultural events where we can get our share of art, music, theater, dance, and more! Everyone understands art in different ways, and I am still figuring out what I enjoy the most.

I have been to the Microtheater Miami twice now and highly recommend checking it out.

micro 5

The Microtheaters are 15 minute plays that use refurbished shipping containers as their stage. Each play is acted by 1-2 characters and the shipping containers fit about a 15-20 person audience inside. What I love most is that each play is only 15 minutes. This is the perfect amount of time for the actors to tell a funny (or dramatic, scary, romantic) story, keep the audience engaged, and make sure you stay awake attentive the entire time.

micro 4

The setting of the Microtheater Miami is very cool as well, tucked away on a quiet street in downtown near the Arsht Center. The shipping containers are all painted in their own funky way. There is even a bar with good beer and a grill master making delicious tacos throughout the night.

Micro 2

The plays run from Wednesday through Saturday and each show is only $5!! The first time we saw 6 plays and the second time we saw 2. I suggest seeing at least 2 and if you want to stay longer maybe watch 4. Out of the all the plays I saw, I really liked half of them.

Be open minded! You may see a play you love and you may see something that really shocks you. No matter what, the experience is really amazing (and they only last 15 minutes.) You even get to talk with the actors after the show. I really loved the atmosphere and definitely plan on going back again.



  • Each play is only $5!
  • On weekdays the plays are in English and on weekends they are in Spanish. Make sure to plan depending on what language you want to see them in! Get the full schedule here
  • Shows start at 8pm and run every 15 minutes until late. Arrive 20-30 minutes before the time of the first show you want to see since they fill up throughout the night.
  • Don’t worry about street parking – leave your car in the lot behind the theater, keep your ticket from the plays, and they will validate your parking so it is only $5
  • Yes, the shipping containers do have A/C inside


4 thoughts on “Microtheater Miami

  1. Wow, I definitively need to go. I think it is very cool that you can see both plays in Spanish and in English… Keep up with the new adventures.


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