Bike and Binge: Aventura to Downtown Miami

Delicious food, exploring, and exercise… I consider it a great weekend if I can fit all of these in. On a Bike and Binge, you get to knock all 3 out!


How to Bike and Binge?

  • Find a restaurant or bakery you have always wanted to try
  • Ride your bike there
  • Indulge in a tasty meal
  • Ride home

Eat, explore, and exercise – YES 🙂

On our most recent Bike and Binge we went from Aventura to El Arepasso, a Venezuelan restaurant in Downtown Miami.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.22.51 PM

Total ride distance from our starting point to the restaurant was estimated at about 17-20 miles. Here we are just getting started:


I am interested in learning more about the Miami bike scene. But from what I have experienced through now, most areas are not very bike friendly so when possible, we opt to take back roads instead of main streets like Biscayne Boulevard.


On our route from Aventura to Downtown Miami, the first 5-8 miles are ok. You see a few scattered restaurants, homes, and a lot of car washes. The quiet, carless streets make up for the lack of view in those first miles. Usually there are no bike paths in this area so it’s very important to be cautious of your surroundings and drivers.


You will notice the scenery changing once you pass Miami Shores and hot spots like O Cinema and Cote Gourmet. Then you hit the up-and-coming Design District with some awesome restaurants and shops like Buena Vista Bistro and Lemoni Cafe. You may even have to wait for the train to pass:


After going through midtown, my hunger started kicking in and luckily we were only a couple miles from our breakfast destination. I was seriously craving a delicious, cheesy arepa…


and was so sad when we arrived and the restaurant was closed! Not closed like “come back in a few hours”, but full on shut down.

FullSizeRender 2

Lesson of the day: Make sure the restaurant you plan on riding to still exist! Luckily across the street there was another place that looked decent (and I was getting hangry) so we decided to make the best of the situation and enjoy breakfast there.


The indulgence did not end in Downtown Miami. We wanted dessert! So we headed over to Fireman Derek’s World Famous Pie in Wynwood. Highly recommended!



After a slice of pie, we made another quick stop at the delicious Zak the Baker to buy some of his famous rye bread to have for the week. That is what I call Bike and Binge!


By 2pm the sun was hot so we started making the ride back to Aventura.


With food in our bellies and bread in our backpacks, we were moving slowly down the back roads. You have probably noticed Miami has fruit trees scattered everywhere. Another great thing about taking the back roads is that you can spot different trees along the way depending on the season.


If your lucky to go on a Bike and Binge with my mom, most likely you will find and taste a fruit you’ve never seen before (another post on this coming soon). Here we found a loquat tree, yum!


The awesome part about Bike and Binge is that after all the eating you’ve done along the way, you still have to ride your bike home and get to workout some of those calories you ate:



40 miles done:


I love riding my bike through Miami because I always notice something new like a park I did not know existed, a restaurant that just opened, or a banner promoting a local festival. I always end up adding a ton of new activities to my Miami Bucket list!


Do you ride your bike around Miami? Let me know if you try any cool routes and restaurants that are worth checking out on a Bike and Binge!

Suz & Zeal Tips:

  • Pick a restaurant that is open!
  • Make sure your tires are well inflated (otherwise ride is harder)
  • Map out the route you plan on taking before leaving home. You may be lucky and have a bike path on your route which makes things easier
  • In this Miami heat make sure to have lots of water
  • Bring a backpack – you may want to bring extra treats home
  • Make it a weekend plan with some friends 🙂
  • Wear a helmet, respect traffic rules, and keep your distance from cars – they don’t know how to respect cyclists yet

5 thoughts on “Bike and Binge: Aventura to Downtown Miami

  1. Me gustó el cuentito. Me anoto. Inscríbanme. Estoy preparando el equipo, inflando las gomas, preparando agua para llevar… Sí creo que debo llevar alguna bebida energética (tipo Gatorade), para ir aguantando hasta llegar al comedero… Y me gustó la redacción, tipo Huckleberry Finn…


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