Bike and Binge: Aventura to South Beach

There was a lot to celebrate this past weekend: The first day of spring, the ocean is warm enough (not freezing) to swim in, and my little sister came to visit!

She loves to adventure around Miami just like me… and the best way to explore the city, be outdoors, swim in the ocean, eat delicious food, and get in a good workout is to Bike and Binge!


We picked our destination and headed on a bike ride from Aventura to South Beach. There are many ways to ride down to South Beach including straight via Collins or Biscayne.

Instead of taking these direct roads, we actually chose the longest route via a mix of back roads and West Dixie Highway because it means we catch less traffic.


Riding through the neighborhoods you also get a closer look at spring in full bloom. Not pictured here but the mango and avocado trees are packed with flowers. That means we are going to have lots of delicious fresh fruit this summer!



Our first destination on the ride to South Beach was the Buena Vista Bakery in Midtown. I rode my bike past this place a couple weeks ago and it was buzzing so we had to come back to check it out.


While we waited to be seated at the bakery we drank a fresh squeezed carrot and ginger juice – so delicious and refreshing after 16 hot and sweaty miles.



Everything looked and smelled amazing… so we decided to try everything (binge!). We ordered a basket of bread, cheeses, quiches, salad and of course croissants. We were so hungry that I forgot to take a before picture of the spread…


Here we are, well fed and ready to continue the rest of our ride!


Note: Next door to the bakery is the Buena Vista Bistro which has an awesome 3 man band playing funky jazz tunes every Sunday from 11ish – 2:30pm. Sounded awesome and definitely want to come back to catch that.


With very stuffed bellies we continued on our journey to South Beach.  The safest way to get across Biscayne Bay to South Beach is via the Venetian Causeway. Before crossing we stopped at Margaret Pace Park to stretch and catch a view of the beautiful day.



Crossing the Venetian is a great sign that you are almost at the beach!




Once in South Beach, we kept riding east towards the water. Before making it to the beach we made another quick stop at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden and got to drink some chilled Saki. They were hosting a Kimono event to celebrate the Miami Beach Centennial.




Ok, now we finally we made it to the beach. After 24 miles we could not wait to jump in that crystal blue water!



The ocean is still a little chilly but that makes it the perfect way to cool off and get re-energized for the ride back home!

To get back we rode on Collins until we got to Bal Harbour and crossed the San Souci bridge to take Biscayne home the rest of the way.


Not to worry – if you only want to ride one way, you can easily mount your bike on a bus and use public transportation to get home.

We rode a total of 40 miles! Exhausted and thirsty, we finished off the binge with a homemade Mango smoothie (I didn’t have any pics of Mangoes but the Papaya looked pretty too!)


Another successful Bike and Binge in the books.



Suz & Zeal Tips:

  • For 1 straight route to South Beach the best is to take Collins. Just keep in mind drivers tend to get impatient with cyclists so to be safe it is important that you respect the traffic rules.
  • If taking public transportation one way, make sure to check hours of operation. Weekend hours vary from weekday availability
  • Wet clothes + long bike ride don’t mix well. Take an extra set of clothes to change into after swimming so you don’t chafe
  • Check out the other fun events happening this week to celebrate the Miami Beach Centennial

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