A night at the FAT Village Art Walk and Riverside Market

Are you ready to try something different this weekend? On the last Saturday of every month, the Fat Village neighborhood in Ft. Lauderdale opens up its galleries for everyone to explore and get to know the local artists and innovators. IMG_6369

A night at Fat Village Art Walk is intimate yet packed with culture and awesome vibes. Fat Village Art Walk (acronym for Flagler Arts and Technology) reminds me a lot of Wynwood Art Walk a couple years ago when it was still under the radar. I even prefer Fat Village because it has a more casual/down-to-earth feel compared to Wynwood. IMG_5142

Most of the galleries seem to be setup in old warehouses converted into artistic spaces. I am always so impressed when people can take a small or run down space and re-create it to something unique and lively with little resources.


One of my favorite “galleries” is the Sixth Start Entertainment storage warehouse. Sixth Star Entertainment is a marketing and events company that boasts clients like Hard Rock, Gulfstream, and the Dolphins to name a few. Their place at Fat Village stores all of the props Sixth Star uses for their events. IMG_6361

Walking through there you will find huge props like disco balls, giant guitars, conga covers, and funky headpieces.



As you walk around the village streets and explore all the other galleries, you find a mix of paintings, sculptors, jewelry, and crafts.




If you’re lucky you will catch some street performances too!


There is cool park area in the middle of the village that is surrounded by a wall made of repurposed pallets.  Many of South Florida’s craft makers hang out in here and set up to sell their one-of-a kind pieces.



Depending on the weekend you visit, you can find different food trucks and brands giving away samples and goodies. Last time I was there Coconut Cartel was offering refreshing coconut water and another company was doing full body painting.


Almost every gallery has drinks available for donations and there are a couple bars to hang out in as well. My favorite is BREW Urban Cafe Next Door – a coffee shop by day and swanky bar at night.


I love being in an environment surrounded by creativity and color– where you can feel the burgeoning scene! Every month they are drawing more and more people.


If you are still craving some food or drinks after hitting up the galleries, I suggest heading over to Riverside Market. It is a short drive from the streets of Fat Village. A friend recommended this place and I LOVED it! It’s a spot all the locals know about. They serve hundreds of beers and delicious freshly made dishes. We ate the hummus and pizza – YUM. As soon as you walk in, you’ll find a packed place filled with energetic people drinking beer from around the world and playing all kinds of fun games.


Everyone at the bar was playing this game called Heads Up which inspired us to play it too – so much fun trying to guess what word is showing on your forehead. With great food, beer, and a fun crowd, Riverside Market is a can’t miss the next time you are in the Ft. Lauderdale area! Try something new this weekend – check out the art scene at Fat Village Art Walk and grab a drink at Riverside Market. Let me know what you think! Suz & Zeal Tips:

  • Fat Village Art Walks happens every last Saturday of the month from 6pm – 10pm
  • You can find street parking all around the area and it’s easier it is to find parking the earlier you arrive
  • Take time to visit each gallery and have a drink at the BREW!
  • If you can’t make it to Art Walk, check out the schedule for other events going on at different times of the week. Full Schedule Here
  • Address and hours for Riverside Market here
  • Check out Tropic – they put together a cool map of Fat Village and explain the history in more detail

2 thoughts on “A night at the FAT Village Art Walk and Riverside Market

  1. Suz, tienes una manera particular de relatar cosas que aunque parezcan sencillas y cotidianas, las rodeas de interés y atracción. Me gusta mucho.


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