Artsy Fartsy Second Saturdays at PAMM

Just 2 years old, the Perez Art Museum Miami is a beautiful new structure in the center of Museum Park Downtown Miami that you have to visit.



Yes its an art museum, but if your not really into that, keep in mind that one of the biggest attractions about the PAMM is the architecture, gardens, and outdoor space… perfect for green space and adventure lovers!


On the second Saturday of every month, PAMM offers free entry to the museum from 1-4pm.


No matter what Saturday you visit, there are always free tours available. If you are like me (love art but sometimes just don’t get what its about) the tour is awesome because it goes through all the highlights of the museum. You can find the tour hours here.


This particular Saturday was very busy in downtown because of the Formula E races (grand prix style race using electric cars!) so many of the streets were blocked, making it hard to get to the museum.


Luckily the free Metro Mover has a station that drops you off right at Museum Park. Can you believe it was the first time Andres’ rode it? To be honest, I’ve probably only been on it once or twice before. Love trying new things in our city 🙂



While waiting for the tour, we hung out on the patio overlooking Biscayne Bay. You can often see dolphins swimming around here in the bright blue water.




Our tour started at about 2:30pm, luckily with a small group so we could stay close to the guide. To start things off the guide explained what contemporary art is about: “It’s not about the physical beauty of a piece but the conversation that it creates in all of us.”


Inspired from the start, we headed outside to understand the important structure that makes up PAMM. The main thing that stuck with me about his description was that the architects of the museum were inspired by the old Stiltsville homes in Miami.



Inside he took us through the main galleries to get an overall understanding of the museum. Below are a few of the pieces that really stood out to me:




Below is the piece that stood out to me the most, especially since I love exploring all the outdoors Miami has to offer. One of the most important conversations happening right now in Miami is about climate change and the rising sea levels. But when people talk about the water rising 50 ft, its hard to really understand what that means. So the artist made it easy for us to visualize it by putting words on the wall “at the level of the sea” which is the real level the water is expected to be at in the future. It’s really shocking when you are standing right in front of it.


On your way out of the museum there is a gift shop that has pricey but really unique stuff! Definitely worth exploring before heading home.



I used to think I had to save a visit to the PAMM for a rainy day but now I know that to get the best experience (and escape the humidity) you should go explore on a sunny Miami day!

Suz & Zeal Tips:

  • Find other events happening at PAMM here
  • On days when there are no events in downtown Miami, you can find cheap street parking on 2nd Ave
  • If you can’t make it on a second Saturday, entry is also free the first Thursday of every month in the evening or only entry is $16 for adults.
  • There are tours in Spanish but on our Saturday the guide was not able to make it because of traffic. If Spanish is your preference, call ahead to confirm the guide will be there
  • Since its free, don’t feel like it has to be an all day event – you can even stop by for a quick visit!
  • If you have kids they offer cool arts and crafts activities outside overlooking the Bay
  • preference, just call ahead of time to confirm they will be there
  • Stop by for a quick visit – remember its free on the Second Saturday of every month!
  • If you have kids they offer cool arts and crafts activities for them

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