Monthly Comedy Show at Wynwood Brewing Company

Although it has been a while since I last posted, that does not mean I have been sitting still.

I went road-tripping around in Andalusia, Spain for 10 days:


Then to Pittsburgh for a work trip (unexpectedly beautiful city!):


Plus a mix of work and fun in Chicago:


And after all those awesome trips, it was great to get back out in Miami this week! On Wednesday night I went to the Wynwood Brewing Company for their Last Call Comedy Show sponsored by Yo Miami.


Wynwood Brewing Company is a family owned and operated brewery located in the heart of Wynwood Art District (the area also known for Second Saturdays Art Walk). They serve their own brews including Blonde Ale, India Pale Ale, and for the beer connoisseurs a Gold Medal-winning Robust Porter.



They are constantly hosting fun events! On the last Wednesday of every month you can stop by this local beer gem to hear 5 stand-up comedians bust out their best jokes to get you laughing.


The show “starts at 8pm” and draws a great crowd. In true Miami style, it was not punctual and started closer to 8:30pm. The space has a very intimate feel and allows the comedians to interact with the crowd.


Note: Don’t make eye contact or you may become a victim of their jokes!

We saw 3 guys and 2 girls, not including the host who was also hilarious! Of the 5 comedians, each had their own unique style, which was so cool to experience. I’ve come to learn that comedy shows are never really “politically correct” and this show was no different, be open minded!


It’s not easy to get in front of a crowd and try to make people laugh…And I have to say these 5 comedians kept us laughing the entire night!

Each comedian has a set of about 10-15 minutes, so depending on what time they actually start the show runs until around 10pm. The lineup changes every month so you can go back every time and be surprised.

Round up your friends and check out the Last Call Comedy Show next month. It’s a great way to make the best of hump day!


And if you’re not into comedy, Wynwood Brewing Company is still worth a trip any other day of the week for their delicious beers.


Zeal Tips:

  • Street parking is easy near the brewery
  • Arrive a little before 8pm to save seats, especially if you are with a larger group
  • No food is sold at the brewery (we had pizza delivered from Lemoni Pizza & Kitchen)
  • I used to stay away from “darker beers” and this time I drank the Brown Nitro Ale and loved it!
  • This is not a PG program, be open minded to everything you may hear!
  • If you’re driving back to North Miami after the show, check Google Maps before getting on I-95! Construction at night sucks and there is a big chance you will get stuck in traffic

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