Drummer’s Night at Miami Music Club


Every morning I get emails from an awesome blog/news source called The New Tropic. I love it because they are deeply rooted in everything happening in South Florida ranging from art, culture, environmental issues, politics, and anything else you can imagine.

In one of their recent emails they were promoting an event called Drummer’s Night at the Miami Music Club. As a lover of live music this immediately caught my attention. How did I not know something called the Miami Music Club existed? And Drummer’s Night sounded incredible!

(Free Vita Coco Samples!)

I did my research and decided it was worth checking out that Saturday night. The Miami Music Club opened in the Design District of Miami as a space to host all kinds of events, and especially music.

Without knowing what to expect we ventured to the event. We arrived to find a small bare-bones space, solely filled with 5 drum sets for the performances and some unique apparel and art pieces for sale.


The Miami Music Club stands out from the high-end boutiques and upscale bars on the same expensive street in the Design District. As I found out later in the night, their rent is being raised (like many other places in the area) and the Club must find somewhere new to move.


Drummer’s Night was slated to start at 9pm so like true latinos we arrived around 10:30pm! There was a cover of $5 per person and bar accepting donations. We caught 2 sets and a DJ playing funky tunes.

The drummers were amazing. With all-solo sets, some had several minutes of intensely non-stop high-speed drumming.  I have always been impressed by the strength and energy it takes to play the drums and the musicians that night truly exemplified those qualities and more.


I am very excited to visit the Miami Music Club wherever they move next!

Zeal Tips:

  • Check out The New Tropic to learn more about everything happening in South Florida
  • Support the Miami Music Club here

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