Celebrating 30 Years of Love & Adventure


Adventure has been rooted in my parents relationship since the first day they met. Seriously…they met on a hiking trip!


Adventure has been a key part of their lives together, and something they have made sure to share with my sister and I. That proves love for exploring is hereditary, right?


When I asked my mom how she wanted to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary I was not surprised when she answered “Biking and Hiking!”


And that is exactly what we did.


Our home base for the long weekend was Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. This area is home to amazing outdoor activities and Black Bears too. Staying here gave us access to the Pine Creek Gorge also known as the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania.


We rented this gorgeous cabin in the middle of the woods and spent 3 full days getting to know the area.


Day 1: We hiked the short yet steep 3 mile Turkey Path Trail. Although not a long distance, the trail can be tiring because of the steepness.

The bottom of the trail connects you with the river in the middle of the Gorge, perfect for a relaxing dip.



And on our way back up the steep hill we made sure to jump in the waterfall.



Day 2: We took on a 45 mile bike ride all through the gorge on the Pine Creek Trail.


The ride is part of the Rails to Trails systems that can be found across the US and Canada. Basically they are old train paths that have been converted into semi paved bike baths. Although a long distance, the relatively flat path makes for a very enjoyable bike ride.



Many of the Rail to Trails can be ridden over a few days, stopping to sleep in small towns along the way. The Pine Creek Trail is do-able in 1 day and thats what we did. To be most efficient with our short weekend, we reserved our bikes from Pine Creek Outfitters a few weeks in advance.


We also set planned the trip so we could get dropped off at the far end of the trail and ride back to where we parked our car (Note: You can also do the ride starting at the Outfitters and have them pick you up at the end.)


This was my first experience on a Rail to Trail bike path and was so impressed! Every view was more gorgeous then the next. The path takes you through small towns in the middle the gorge, camp grounds, and isolated areas as well.

Make sure to take lots of water and snacks for the road as there are only a few possible spots for lunch. We luckily found one place to get sandwiches and do push ups?


Another awesome thing about the trail? Apple trees everywhere! Of course we picked some straight off the tree to eat.


The entire 45 miles took us about 5 hours (we took a good amount of breaks and rode at a comfortable speed.) I was pretty tired at the end but also sad that it was over so quickly.


On that same day after our long bike ride, we happened to drive by a blueberry patch and couldn’t help stopping. We take our roles as Fruit Ninjas very seriously.




Day 3: On our last day in the area we decided to go on a hike along the west rim of the gorge. This was cool because you could see the entire bike path we had ridden the day before.


We really made the most of our days in Wellsboro. By the time we made it back to the cabin every night, we were exhausted! And what’s the best way to relax after a long day of outdoor adventures? Roasting marshmallows and star gazing by a bonfire of course! Andres helped chopped wood so we could enjoy a fire every night.




What a weekend! Great food, belly aches from non-stop laughter, and of course adventure with my favorite people.


I can’t image celebrating my amazing parents any other way!


Zeal Tips:

  • Love long bike rides? Check out all of the Rails to Trails routes across the US and Canada
  • If you have time, you can hike the entire 30 miles of the west rim trail on the gorge. That sounds epic!
  • We missed the leaves changing colors by about a month. For leaf peeping plan on visiting the Pine Creek Gorge at the end of September or beginning of October
  • Other activities in the area: Canoeing, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Horseback Riding, and more!

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