Sipping On Avocado Wine at Schnebly Redland’s Winery

Located deep in the heart of the Redlands you will find two of South Florida’s treasures. The first is Schnebly Redland’s Winery. This gem is a family run business that was started in 2003 when the couple starting experimenting with fruits by making wine.


They shared these experiments with friends and as more people wanted to taste these unique wines the business grew. In 2011 they even added a brewery to the business! Since its inception, Schnebly’s has become a Florida staple and is a great place for an afternoon visit!


I have been wanting to visit this winery for a while and finally got the chance a couple weekends ago. I rounded up some family and we made the 1hr drive from Hallandale Beach to Homestead in the hopes of finding unique wines and a delicious bbq lunch (more on this below).


Driving to the winery can be far but relatively easy to find because of excellent signage throughout the route. Note: It is located in the middle of farmland so don’t be concerned if you feel like the GPS is leading you in the wrong direction.


Upon arriving, we immediately signed up for the 30 minute tour followed by a wine tasting. The tour shares basic information about the facilities, the rapid growth of the winery, history of the family, and a detailed explanation of how the wines and beers are developed and crafted.

This is one of the containers of carambola wine (also known as starfruit, yum!)


See startfruit!


Here you can see the fermentation process for the avocado wine. The layer below is the liquid used to make the wine and the darker color above is the extra mash that is then used for compost or other processes.


Here you can see some of the containers that hold the wine and beer before it is bottled!



We were lucky enough to have one of the owners accompany us on the tour which gave us an even deeper insight to how things happen at Schnebly’s and what is coming in the future.



After the detailed tour, we took some time to stand at the bar and taste some wines (You also have the option to do a beer tasting). Each person gets to choose 5 wines to taste.



My family and I decided to check of a variety so we could each get a taste of something different. Some of the different wine options include: Carambola (starfruit), guava, and mango. My favorites? Cat 2 Hurricane White which was a mix of Avocado and Coconut AND Passion Fruit which is the perfect blend of sweet, tart and absolutely delicious.


Make sure to eat something before the tasting because after my first cup I was already feeling the wine 🙂


I am not familiar with traditional grape vineyards so cannot compare but to me visiting this place was very special because it feels very authentic to Florida and our exotic surroundings.


So what’s the second treasure located in Homestead that makes the drive down there even more worthwhile? The best beef ribs you will find in all of Florida. After finishing up our time at the winery we headed over to Shiver’s Bar-B-Q which is the best bbq restaurant I have ever tasted and happens to be located about a 15 minute drive away from the winery.


According to an article from the Miami Herald (also where I borrowed above image from), Shiver’s is on of the best BBQ places in Florida.

Wine and BBQ, best combo ever? I think so.

Zeal Tips

  • Make a day out of visiting the winery and then eating lunch at the best bbq place in South Florida
  • Plan for 2 hours at the winery
  • Best to take the 30 minute tour and then do the tasting so you have a better understanding of the process that goes into creating the wines and beers you are testing
  • Tours are available on the weekends every hour on the hour
  • If you purchase a tour and wine tasting you get a $2 discount
  • Be on the lookout for deals on TravelZoo and Groupon (although these may have weekend restrictions so read the fine print)

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