Pack A Small Pack

Many travelers correlate the length of a trip with the weight of their suitcase or backpack. Since its not realistic to pack enough clothes to last us for the entire trip, we decided to radically go the other way and keep things very light.


So far a liberating decision. We see travelers with huge backpacks, and you can tell their struggle to put them on and walk. Also, I can imagine my frustration trying to find my iPhone charger or my kindle before a flight inside that huge messy portable closet.

So yes, take less and worry less. Worry less about decisions of what to wear, about organizing your things, finding them, or carrying them!  Lately we have seen people live happy lives on a lot less, and we’re sure you have too… Trust us and try it just once :)… Pack a small pack on your next trip!

Ok, enough trying to convince you to pack light on your next trip. This post is really a test of our packing smarts. Below is the list of things we packed.

Blue items are the things we were not sure we should bring, but we brought them anyways. At the end of the trip, we’ll update to see how accurate we were…

Maybe we’ll change our minds about the whole pack-light thing, but so far it has been a wise choice.

Suz (22 lbs) Shared Andres (24 lbs)
Hat Toiletry bag Hat
Sneakers First aid kit + Meds Sneakers
Chacos Clothes line Chacos
Flip Flops 2 Alloksak bags (for laundry) Flip Flops
2 short sleeve t-shirts Computer 3 short sleeve t-shirts
 2 Long sleeve t-shirts Universal Power Adapter 1 long sleeve t-shirt
Witch hazel wipes Kindle cable 1 pants
 Veet Wax strips Steripen (water purifier) 1 short/swimsuit
 Scarf 2 in 1 shampoo/soap bar 4 pair socks
9 underwear 4 locks 4 underwear
1 sweater ear plugs 1 sweater
1 rain jacket 8 small Carabiners 1 rain jacket
Wrist watch toothpaste + floss rock climbing shoes
laundry bag Day pack laundry bag
Packing cubes (storage for clothes) Pen Packing cubes (storage for clothes)
Towel Sunscreen Towel
4 Tank tops Baby wipes Glasses
Uniqlo Jacket  Journal Glasses strap
 1 swimsuit Portable chargers (Thx Jen & Bry!) Compression bag
Sleeping bag liner Sleeping bag liner
Sun glasses Sun glasses
iPhone + cable iPhone + cable
Eye cover Eye cover
 5 Sports bras Daily contact lenses (90 day supply)
Toothbrush Toothbrush
Headlamp Headlamp
Kindle Kindle
Passport Passport
 Diva Cup
 1 Jean Short
 1 Exercise Short
1 Legging
1 Hiking Pant
1 Long Skirt

7 thoughts on “Pack A Small Pack

  1. La próx aventura pásense por aquí en Oregon, creo que les gustara 😝

    Además se pueden ahorrar el hotel ya que aquí los recibiremos con mucho carino, saludos!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved this list! Keep a log of how ma y items you utilize for things they are not marketed for. (fun reflection for later). Also might give u a business idea for after :).
    Wishing you lots of trail angels along your journey!


  3. Hi! I’m heading out for 2 months of backpacking with a 40L backpack as well. Did you find that you used your sleeping bag liner and alloksak bags?


    1. Alloksak we have barely used so don’t think you need. For the liner it Depends where you are going and what kind of travel. We used it a lot on budget trains in India and it was really helpful.


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