What’s An Octopussy?

We spent 5 weeks in what to us is the most mysterious country yet: India. Each corner of this place was distinctively unique. Here are some stories and pictures of our last few weeks there.

Udaipur is known as the most romantic city in India. Unfortunately, our romantic view was clouded by the dozens of signs promoting some movie called “Octopussy” playing every night at every restaurant in town.

Why would anyone want to watch porn over rice curry anyways?


Turns out our dirty minds were wrong. It was actually a very old James Bond movie partly shot in Udaipur decades ago, and the local residents are so proud of it they keep showing it to this day.

Rooftop Yoga

We took a group yoga class in Udaipur with an interesting local teacher. At one point he showed a position and encouraged all the students to fart saying in his indian accent “Let the gas out now…. it is very very good for you!”IMG_1355.JPGThe famous farting yoga teacher

IMG_1340.JPGPlaying around with Acroyoga


We were lucky enough to be in India during a great event: HOLI, the festival of colors!


We decided to celebrate this colorful festival in the desert town of Jaisalmer. Overall really fun time although Suz felt uncomfortable at moments because men were very touchy, which is probably the reason why there were zero local women participating.

Here are some other fun things we did in Jaisalmer:

IMG_1518.JPGSleep in the desert

IMG_1541.JPGRide camels

IMG_1418.JPGEven if they are not cute


IMG_1126.JPGGet a face massage for a buck… (the barber convinced Suz to get one… which she clearly enjoyed)

IMG_1179.jpgTake in the ubiquitous interesting sights, like the cows taking over the street


Our one word description is “Intense”. Since we consider it impossible to truly describe our experience in a few lines, here is a video I took randomly while crossing the street… can’t say it’s not fun!

And this below is the main train station floor, packed with hundreds of people sleeping/camping/eating?!

IMG_1340 (1).jpg

Agra the city of Love

Of course we had to make a one day stop at the world-famous Taj Mahal. It was worth it and beautiful.



This is the town where people from all over India come to die. Yes… die. It is one of the holiest cities in India, and people choose to spend their last days here so their bodies can be  cremated at the foot of the holy Ganges river, indiscreetly visible to all tourists. I have to admit that seeing a man using a wooden stick to turn around a burning corpse was unforgettable. Surely a very intriguing way to say goodbye to India.

IMG_1600.JPGAndres taking over the boatsman’s job on the way to the cremation ceremony. Side note: There are some (such as pregnant women who died) who cannot be cremated according to religion, so their bodies are dropped in the river. Some people claim to have seen floating human remains… creepy. 

IMG_1596.JPGCremation happening in the distance. Closeups not allowed, and not desired

IMG_1644.JPGHoly Ganges River peaceful at sunrise

IMG_1663.JPGThese young monks/kids practice laughing yoga every morning by the river! They just laugh hysterically!


We both loved our time in India, and we are not sure why, but we both agree that everyone should visit this country at least once. The intensity of the place can be tiring, and at times all we wanted was to escape the noise, the dirt, and chaos. I heard someone recently describe India as “Perfectly Imperfect” and I think that sums it up pretty well. Although it constantly challenged our patience, trust, and cleanliness…India also made us realize how special and magical people can be.


3 thoughts on “What’s An Octopussy?

  1. Divakar dijo:

    Very nice. They both had a lots of courage and enthusiasm to do all this. Glad that they enjoyed a lot.

    ‘Each corner of this place was distinctively unique.’

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Comment from Manish:

    Agree. It’s not for a faint hearted to roam across Delhi streets. It’s a great achievement and hopefully a life changing experience. Thanks Marcos for sharing it!

    I love the Octopussy post. It’s so funny. I didn’t know that.


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