Argentina (& The Art Of Dry Toilets)

Have you ever used a dry toilet?

IMG_5117Bathroom at Refugio Natación up in the mountains

Don’t worry nothing to get queasy about, just a different way of approaching bathrooms. A dry toilet is exactly as it sounds, no water involved. It looks and feels like the comfortable pooper you have in your apartment but instead of plumbing there is a receptacle (aka big bucket) that catches your #2. When you’re done you cover it up with sawdust. And unlike India, you do use toilet paper.

“But if there’s no water allowed, where do I pee?”

Well, the toilets are ergonomically designed so that your pee filters into a separate bucket from your poo. Sorry if this is TMI, we’re not trying to pitch you on installing a dry toilet in your backyard (yet). We had this bathroom situation in multiple places during our time in Argentina, and we found it interesting and even enjoyable!

Many ecovillages and sustainable living projects work with dry toilets, the main benefits being that you put less waste in garbage dumps and oceans. Instead, you put your crap to work for you as compost for your garden.

IMG_5059Fresh mint leaves we picked daily for tea infusions

IMG_5082Edible flowers for lunch: Long onion, Dandelion, and Marigold

Tucked away in the north of Patagonia is the small hippie town of El Bolson. Just 5 miles away from here you’ll find the tiny, super hippie town of Mallin Ahogado. We met people that live here with no electricity…by choice.

The only way in and out of Mallin (pronounced Mashin) is via the pebble lined road that lifts up a layer of dust every time a car passes. 

IMG_5829The dusty road we walked or hitchhiked back on forth on to our farm house

This is where we chose to spend a couple weeks getting our hands dirty with clay, working on our woodshop skills, and cooking up a daily solar meal. Doing natural construction, woodwork, farming, and cooking up a daily solar meal among many other interesting things

IMG_5041We slept in the room above the kitchen with the other volunteers. The walls of this house are made with a natural cement mixture of dirt, clay, sand, water, and straw!

IMG_5734We built the base of this bench with the same arcilla materials as described above

IMG_5062We used the logs to heat up the water for warm showers and to cook pizzas on the wood stove

FullSizeRender 9They practice keeping all the trash they generate on the farm. This is a great way of keeping ourselves aware of all the garbage we create…

Really, this satellite-looking thing below is a solar cooker. Every (sunny) day we would put some rice, beans, or veggies in and by lunch time we had delicious food read to go. We even fried an egg once!

IMG_5081The solar chef

IMG_5069Delicious vegetarian meals every day

IMG_5670Every evening we saw magical sunsets like this. And then late at night the stars were so bright and magical.

Here is a short video we made about our time on the farm in Mallin:

We spent about 2 months in Argentina. It was more expensive and the distances much longer than we had expected, but even with that we enjoyed our time here. Below are more pictures of our travels around this spectacular country.

Buenos Aires

FullSizeRender 3

IMG_4980Old friends, new cities

IMG_4998Famous dog walkers of Buenos Aires

IMG_5540The cheesiest of pizzas

IMG_5671Perfect purple Jacarandas in full bloom



El Bolson

DSC_7739Photo credit: Alex Mason

DSC_7745Photo credit: Alex Mason

DSC_7764Photo credit: Alex Mason

IMG_5794Cloudy, rocky, scary hike to the peak of El Piltriquitron

IMG_5801Refugio El Piltriquitron

IMG_5888Glaciar Hielo Azul

IMG_5939Cajon del Azul

FullSizeRender 7Wildflowers at Earthship El Bolson


IMG_5988Drunk biking and wine tastings

IMG_5130It’s not Argentina without Alfajores

IMG_5994I got it from my momma

IMG_6035Hiking with a Nepali Sherpa





Salta / Cafayate






IMG_5243Where they drink Tereré instead of Mate

IMG_5247My favorite shoes match the street we’re on and state we’re in!

Iguazu Falls







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  1. Bellezas desbordantes, extraordinarias experiencias, vistas inesperadas… Aprender el mundo, diverso, apasionante, variado, conocimientos y sabidurías distintas… El ser humano y su afán de saber y conocer…

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