6 Lessons We Learned As a Couple Traveling Around the World

In the moments leading up to our decision to travel for a year, both Andres and I were scared to quit our jobs and create this abrupt change in our lives (more on this in a story I shared for Hello Fears).

But once we were on the trip, when we were actually out in the world adventuring, volunteering, constantly meeting new people and absorbing new life lessons, the only thought that came to mind was, “how did we ever hesitate?”

This year was life changing for us. Travel is incredible because it teaches you so much about yourself and the world. Below are some of our biggest takeaways from this year of exploration. W

Hopefully they inspire you to take a trip like this of your own.

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1. Travel Can Be As Cheap Or Expensive As You Want To Make It

Before leaving we researched hundreds of travel blogs to get an idea for how much money we needed to make our dream trip a reality and concluded that about $40,000 would be necessary.

We spent half of that.

How did 2 people travel around the world with $10,000 each? We set a daily budget and tracked it with one of our favorite apps, Trail Wallet. Keeping a budget makes you really consider each activity, tour, and restaurant to ensure you only choose the ones you really, really want.

We also realized that keeping a tight budget helped us connect with people and places in more meaningful ways. For example, instead of staying at hotels we couchsurfed, collecting so many stories and getting an inside look at how locals live. And when we decided to hitchhike in Japan instead of riding the speedy trains, we got to meet the incredible Taka, in addition to several other kind, selfless people we met.

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2. It’s Not Easy Being With Someone 24 Hours A Day. Breaks Are Necessary And Encouraged

Andres and I have been together for over 10 years! We are best friends, love each other and know each other better than anyone else…but spending 24 hours a day, every day together can lead to tough moments.

Sometimes it was a struggle to find something to talk about! “So tell me about your day today… What did you do?”, Andres would joke. I’m pretty sure I heard just about every story Andres remembers from his childhood.

Whether it was taking an hour apart to go for separate walks, hanging out with different friends at the hostel, or just reading our own books for some quiet time, it was nice and helpful to give ourselves a few hours apart.

Also, the main reason for volunteering in each country was because there were moments when would get tired of being tourists and constantly having to plan the next few days. Volunteering gave us opportunities to learn new things, connect with other travelers, and feel at home for some time.

The awesome secondary effect was that we usually had different roles at our volunteer jobs giving us some healthy time apart. For example, when we worked on the farm in China we almost never saw each other during the day and even slept in different rooms. And now that we are home, back in a routine of “real world” responsibilities, we really miss all the uninterrupted time we had together last year.

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3. We Need Much Less Than We Think

Have you ever seen those small red cars with steering wheel, little tires, and an opening at the bottom so kids can push/drive themselves around?

We’ll never forget when we lived with a Nepali family, the kids had one of these cars. Only thing is, the once bright red car was now completely faded and so old and worn down that it had no wheels.The kids would attempt using momentum to make the broken down toy advance just a little bit, all while it made this horrible screeching sound against the paved floor of their home.

Even though it wasn’t perfect in our western eyes, the kids loved and appreciated their car and didn’t need any other toys to play with.

One of our first trip posts was about packing a small pack. We never had to check our backpacks when flying, it was always easy to wash clothes, and it felt great to know that all we had and needed was in our small 40L backpacks. Even when I got back to Miami and had a closet full of clothes I still lived out of my backpack for a week because it really had everything I needed.

We learned and strongly believe in living a more minimalistic life, and are try to embed those lessons into our lives here. Many times it’s difficult, not buying that beautiful skirt thats 80% off, or rejecting the gift mom bought with so much love. It’s tough, but necessary to remain somewhat minimalistic. Only buy things that you really need.

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4. Travel Helped Us Connect, Not Disconnect

Many people have mentioned how good it must have felt to disconnect from our lives back home. The reality is, traveling made us feel more connected than ever.

It’s very common to fall into a routine and get comfortable in your bubble when you’re staying in one place and seeing the same people for a long time. Can this be considered the way to be ‘connected’?

On the other hand, travel opened up the world to us and connected us with places and people we never thought about before! There is a big, huge, crazy world out there and it was amazing to get a taste of it.

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5. There Are Truly Kind And Special People In The World

Our trust and love for humanity was re-kindled.

There are and unfortunately will always be some terrible things and people. India was one place that really tested our patience with this…but putting those moments aside, we feel like we were lucky to have met the most incredibly kind people in every country visited.

We felt that the most generous and kind people were often the ones who had less. People that had much less than us in possessions, money, space, education and anything else you can think of were the most willing to open their homes, share their food, drive us around, and so much more.

To be honest, it’s very hard to put into words the gratitude and love we feel for all the special people we encountered and who made us feel at home in the world.

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6. Ice Cream Is Delicious Everywhere

Seriously. We made sure to eat ice cream in every single country and it was always delicious. In India it was so hot that we had at least one ice cream each a day. In Bali a monkey stole an ice cream right out of my hands! I can still taste the dulce de leche ice cream from everywhere in Argentina. One of the best parts of travel is getting to try local foods and we made sure to take advantage of that.

Our favorite overall? Coffee Parm in Japan. If anyone knows where we can get it in the States we will be forever grateful!

What have been the most important lessons you’ve learned from travel?



19 thoughts on “6 Lessons We Learned As a Couple Traveling Around the World

  1. “Even when I got back to Miami and had a closet full of clothes I still lived out of my backpack for a week because it really had everything I needed.”
    Hahah I laughed at this…granted my trip was a little less than 3 months, but I found myself doing the same exact thing when I returned to Miami.


  2. Ice cream is indeed delicious everywhere! It’s one of those lovely universal constants. Thanks for this post, I found it enjoyable to read and full of helpful reminders to those who love to travel. The part that resonated most with me is the “taking a break from traveling” part. Spending time in a community, whether that’s volunteering or doing something else, can really change your experience and perspective on a place.


    1. Yes, the “taking a break” part is so important. We really found that it helped us enjoy the journey so much more. What have been some of your “travel breaks?” We loved using workaway.info


  3. I really enjoyed reading this post. What a great idea to volunteer.. where did you find info about volunteering in the specific area you were in. And how did you find homes to couch surf? Very inspiring. My husband (boyfriend at the time)and I road tripped across the states for a month. Along with our few month old puppy! Wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.


    1. Thanks so much for your note! We would love to road trip across the states, hopefully sometime in the future 🙂 And with a puppy, wow that must have been an incredible month!!

      We found volunteering opportunities through a great website called Workaway.org. If you need any help navigating it, just let us know. We also used couchsurfing.com which is an awesome community of people all over the world. Definitely, suggest trying it out. Let me know if you do!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m so happy to have stumbled on to your site! I actually found it via pinterest because I was looking for articles on hydrangeas in Munduk, Bali. Anywho! We are a couple, traveling for our second time (this time with no end date!!) and have been together for 8 years. I could relate to so much of this post. Glad to meet you. 🙂 -Whitney


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