Dear 2018: An Honest Letter To The New Year

Dear 2018,

Everyone I know is really excited to see you but I have to admit that I don’t really feel the same. Don’t get me wrong, I am genuinely grateful for all the goodness I have in my life. But after the experience we had in 2016, last year was really difficult for me. And now that you have arrived, I feel like I am heading into another year without a clear path.

As our trip came to a close last year, I was so excited to apply all of my new travel experiences and re-defined life goals into my life back in Miami.

And I definitely had some wins in 2017: seeing my baby sister get married, fighting Crohn’s with diet instead of medicine, getting certified as a personal trainer, exploring beautiful parts of my home state, celebrated my dad’s 60th with an epic family trip and working with awesome people in completely new industries.

But even with all of that, throughout the year I felt (and still feel) like a piece of me was missing.

As I work towards figuring out what that is, please be patient with me. I know you are here and that we can’t slow down time, but I was not ready for you. So you do your thing and I’ll do mine, at my own pace, while I figure out the right path for me.

With Love & Adventure,


PS. This blog didn’t get the love it deserved last year because, honestly, I just didn’t feel inspired to share. Social media tends to be a highlight real and I struggle a lot with the idea of whether I want to continue being part of that. I started Suz & Zeal as a way to share my favorite life experiences in hopes of motivating others to do the same and I hope to continue doing that this year. Stay tuned for new posts coming soon!

PPS. I wrote this piece for Hello Fears in March 2017 about my fears: fears of traveling, fears of leaving a comfortable life, and fears of returning home after an adventurous year. Every time I read it I get the chills because the article encompasses all of the positive energy I soaked up in 2016. So even though 2017 was hard, and even though I am not ready for 2018, this article still rings true, inspires me and hopefully continues to inspire you.


4 thoughts on “Dear 2018: An Honest Letter To The New Year

  1. Tus reflexiones no pueden ser más atinadas… exhalando sinceridad y agudeza en los pensamientos. Eres admirable, Suz … y Crohn se asusta y retrocede cuando te enfrentas… Sursum corda! Arriba los corazones!!


  2. Querida Suzita admiro tu entereza y tu fuerza . Aquí estaremos para lo que puedas necesitar y hacer de este 2018 un año de logros y sueños cumplidos.


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