Our First Camping Trip As A Family of 3

We survived our first camping weekend as a family of 3!


Salo did a great job of crying loud and proud to scare off the bobcats and alligators.


Of course the weekend required a little more planning and patience than usual, and it was all worth it to see the little man ooh-ing and aah-ing at the trees and lil Sebastian.


People always say that having kids changes your life and as a new mom I am finally understanding what that actually means. All of my priorities have shifted and everything I do revolves around making this 4 month old person as happy as possible.


Although we change many things in our lives in order to think of the baby first, I also feel that if we are happy as parents doing the things we love, it will reflect onto our kids and as a result make them happy too. So even though having a baby means more logistics, packing bigger bags, and channeling a deeper patience and understanding for things not going perfectly, so far the effort has been worth it.


There are so many things I want to share with my son and one of the most important on that list is a love for the outdoors. Especially since some of my best memories from childhood are the weekend camping trips my parents took us on.

Ever since I got pregnant I’ve had this vision of Andres and I hiking on a perfect blue skyed day, climbing a snow-capped mountain peak with Salo on our backs absorbing the fresh air, bright colors, and a connection to the Earth.


The closest he’s been to mountains…for now…


One day we’ll make that dream of mine come true, but before we take on our first summit, we decided to ease the little man into nature with one night of camping.


Have you heard of Hipcamp? We tested it out this weekend and loved the experience. I guess the best way to describe Hipcamp is like the AirBnB for camping. It makes it easy to experience tent or car camping on private land across the U.S including ranches, nature preservers, farms, vineyards, yurts, and so much more.


Yes, we pitched our tent in someone’s backyard and it was awesome. My criteria included: within 2 hours drive from home, bathroom (in our case a very clean porta-potty), and potable water.


Other perks of the house we stayed at included 10 acres of land with a little pond to fish in, a small grove of Valencia Orange trees fresh to eat, miniature horses to play with, and super friendly hosts to welcome us into their home, or in this case, outside their home.


Remember, travel can be as simple or complicated as we want it to be. For this trip the goal was to get away for a night and see how Salo did sleeping in the tent with us. In order to do that we kept things super simple.


We kept our packing list to absolute necessities and even our weekend eats were basic. One of the best parts about camping is cooking on a bonfire but in order to keep things easy we just grabbed whatever food we had left in the fridge. Who’s down for carrots dipped in peanut butter for dinner?


By prepping the car the night before, it was easy to get on the road during Salo’s nap time. We arrived mid-day to pitch our tent, hang the hammock, and relax under the shady trees. With our phones turned off and our minds in the moment, we walked around, played with the animals, and enjoyed the surroundings.



Many times when I travel I get antsy to move move move, and try to take advantage of every minute to do and see something. This weekend was different though. Just being outdoors as a family of 3 for our first adventure was enough to disconnect from the daily grind and reconnect with nature. Exactly what we all needed!


Do you think Salo enjoyed it?


We think he did. And keeping an open mind let us enjoy it as well. Can’t wait for the next adventure!

So, who’s joining us for the next family camping trip?





3 thoughts on “Our First Camping Trip As A Family of 3

  1. Suz, cuán magnífico relato… Leyéndolo, me sentí casi participando en todas vuestras experiencias… Tienes habilidades literarias, Suz, y sabes hacer de tu “pareja de 3” una perfección inigualable… Los envidio sanamente, los amo… Gregorio

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    El mié., 6 mar. 2019 a las 14:33, Suz & Zeal () escribió:

    > Suz and Zeal posted: “We survived our first camping weekend as a family of > 3! Salo did a great job of crying loud and proud to scare off the bobcats > and alligators. Of course the weekend required a little more planning and > patience than usual, and it was all worth it to” >


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